Aves - sponsor of the lunch at the international conference Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2011




The Turkish company Aves will present as the sponsor of the lunch during the anniversary 10th International Conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2011", to be held on November 23-25, 2011, in Kiev (President Hotel).

Aves, the flagship of Aves Group, maintains two decades of trust and relationship within the Turkish and Iraqi oil markets. The company has enjoyed many first-mover advantages in Turkish and Iraq oil markets, and by its ability of responding promptly to shifting customer needs, it has strengthened its position within those markets over the time.

Aves currently focuses on supplying Gasoil 0,1 and ULSD into Turkish market purchased from international oil markets. Aves also keeps an eye on alternative refined oil product markets and searches for opportunities in moving the products to create added value. In the meantime, the company provides flexible storage and risk management solutions to its customers who are obliged to keep compulsory stock under IEA regulations and Turkish legislation.

Aves has stepped into sunflower seed oil trade as per 2009. Aves is a registered member of the main commodity trading association "FOSFA" (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association).

Investing not only in physical assets but also in Human Resources, Aves built a young and dynamic team and sponsored some employees in their education in London on international oil trading and risk management. Today, Aves is a well-known figure in Mediterranean oil products market and by highly respected European trading companies, brokers and banks.

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