CPM SKET GmbH is the sponsor of the tenth international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2011"




The company CPM SKET GmbH presented as the sponsor of the International conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2011", to be held on November 23-25, 2011, in Ukraine, Kiev.

The CPM SKET GmbH is successor of the company CIMBRIA SKET GmbH. With the acquisition of the CIMBRIA SKET GmbH through the American CPM Holding a change of our company name occurred in autumn, 2011. Together with the companies of the CPM Group a worldwide leading enterprise in the field of oilseeds and vegetable oils processing has originated. Companies like Roskamp Champion and Crown Ironworks which are a market leader with their products belong to the CPM Group.

The company CPM SKET GmbH would like to deliver to you as a partner tailor-made solutions for your projects. Beside a high level of automation the machines and process plants offer a high efficiency with very good energy recovery and low consumption figures. Besides, the final products excel the qualitative demands of the market and fulfil international high-class standards.

You can learn more about the company and establish contacts with its representatives directly within frames of the conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry – 2011".

You can become acquainted with the list of participants here.

You can fill in the application form for participation here.

More detailed information concerning participation is provided by Marketing Department of APK-Inform Agency: +380 562 320795, +7 495 7894419, e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]