Ukrainian soybean conquers markets of Europe and Asia – expert




By 2015, soybean production in Ukraine may exceed the level of 4 mln tonnes throughout the harvesting areas of 2 mln ha, as opposed to 2.3 mln tonnes throughout 1.1 mln ha in 2011, told Viktor Timchenko, President of the Ukrainian association of soybean producers and crushers, at the conference on "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2011".

At the same time, exports of soybean from Ukraine in 2015 may reach the level of 1.1 mln tonnes against 800 thsd tonnes in the current year.

According to V.Timchenko, realized works on different levels during the period from 2004 to 2011 gave an opportunity to talk about the production volumes of 4 mln tonnes of soybeans in 2015.

In particular, he noted that the realized work contributed to the dynamics of continuous growth of the areas under soybeans and its production in Ukraine.

In 2011, the country already harvested 2.3 mln tonnes of the oilseed throughout 1121.1 thsd ha with the yield of 20.4 c/ha, in 2009 the country came at the first place among the EU and CIS countries, in 2010 - the 8th place among 75 countries-producers on the world market, said the President of the Association.

He also noted that Ukrainian soybean won markets in Europe and Asia. During the first 9 months of the present year Ukrainian soybeans were exported to Iran - 198.6 thsd tonnes, Italy - 161.6 thsd tonnes, Germany - 55.1 thsd tonnes, Syria – 56.6 thsd tonnes, Poland - 11.9 thsd tonnes, Turkey - 37.9 thsd tonnes, the USA - 8.9 thsd tonnes.

V.Timchenko said that Ukrainian livestock producers increased own interest in domestic soybean products. The current capacities of soybean processing total 1.7 mln tonnes against 160 thsd tonnes in 2003.