Offer for participating in the exhibition within the framework of International Conference "Oilseeds&Oils 2011"


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


We offer you to apply about your company and its services at the exhibition, organized within a framework of the third International Conference "Oilseeds&Oils 2011" (September, 22-24, Turkey, Istanbul). It will take place in the foyer of the conference-hall where coffie-breaks will take place. This is a great possibility for you to advertise your company and its products among key-actors of the branch all around the world.

Companies, which would like to participate in the mini-exhibition (without major constructions), will be provided with the expo-place, which costs 2500 USD.


Next services are included in the mentioned cost:

  • expo-place: table, chairs, Internet connection;

  • registration fee for one participaте from the company for all days of the Conference;

  • plasma display panel rent for company's presentation is possible for extra payment - 300 USD.

* You can use your mobile stands, posters, banners and other means to decorate your expo-place.


The competitive advantages of taking part in our exhibition:

  • it is a global event as companies from different countries will have the opportunity to estimate your products;

  • it is an effective marketing tool for you to show the successful development of your business;

  • it provides you with unique opportunity to establish direct trade relations and achieve marketing goals.


Target audience of the exhibition:

  • Exporters/importers of oilseeds and by-products

  • Representatives of transport-forwarding companies

  • Surveying companies

  • Large oilseeds crushers

  • Banks

  • Investment and insurance companies

  • Legal companies

  • Branch associations


On current stage of the International Conference "Oilseeds&Oils 2011" the list of participants is being prepared. It will be shown on our site in September. Note that the number of participants is growing each day.


For a list of conference participants Oilseeds & Oils 2010 can follow the link:


APK-Inform is always ready to expand the success of your company.

* To participate in the exhibition, please contact e-mails and telephone numbers below.