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Falcon is the sponsor of the international conference Oilseeds&Oils - 2014

APK-Inform Agency continues preparation works for the sixth international conference "Oilseeds&Oils – 2014", to be held on October 6-7 in Barcelona (Spain).

As a reminder, the company Lipidos Santiga SA is the Exclusive sponsor of the conference, and the company Creative provides sponsorship support to the event.

For the first time the international company Falcon Ukraine became the sponsor of the conference. The company Falcon Ukraine specializes in sale of agricultural commodities. Since the second half of 2013 - beginning of 2014, after the radical revision of the model and business activities of the company, Falcon Ukraine focused on the supply of sunflower oil and sunflower seeds on foreign markets. Moreover, the company Falcon Ukraine considers its duty and responsibility to provide high-quality products to consumers and efficiently execute the contracts. Falcon Ukraine worked out the long-term expansion plan, which is realized in stages. Also, the developed plan includes investments to various segments of trade.

Remko Rood, representative of Falcon Global Trade LLP, will make a presentation on the impact of decreasing agricultural commodity prices on consumer demand from a macro-economic perspective.

You can meet with representatives of the company within frames of the sixth international conference "Oilseeds&Oils - 2014" on October 6-7 in Barcelona (Spain).

Here you can become acquainted with the conference program and conditions of participation.

Also, the company sponsors the International conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry -2014", to be held on October 29-30, 2014, Kiev.

In order to register to participate in the event, future participants have to fill in the application form at the web-page of APK-Inform.

More detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship, advertising and being a speaker of the conference is provided by the Organizational committee of the conference at APK-Inform Agency:

+380 562 320-795 ext.166, +7 495 789-44-19 Inna Chernenko


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