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Etalon Spain SA supports the conference “Oilseeds & Oils - 2014"

1We remind you that APK-Inform Agency continues providing preparation works for the international conference "Oilseeds&Oils - 2014", which the Agency holds in Barcelona in 2014 (October 6-7, Majestic Hotel 5*).

The company Etalon Spain SA provides its support to the event. It is the recently opened subdivision of Etalon SA, which is well known supplier of protein meals to the world market.

Due to professionalism and trading experience, Etalon SA had become the key buyer for a whole number of oil extraction plants in countries of the Black Sea region. It had  made the company close partner of the producers. Etalon SA is one of the leading exporters of sunflower seed meal in the Black Sea region today.

The main task of the new commodity trading office in Spain is to supply the local market with high quality grains and protein meals. Meantime Etalon Spain SA is opened for a new kinds of trading activities and is eager for innovations.

You can meet with representatives of the company Etalon Spain SA, and visit their exhibition place within frames of the conference “Oilseeds & Oils - 2014" in Barcelona.

More detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship, advertising and being a speaker of the conference is provided by the Organizational committee of the conference at APK-Inform Agency:

+380 562 320-795 ext.166, +7 495 789-44-19

[email protected]

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