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AS Eesti Viljasalv to sponsor the international conference “Oilseeds&Oils - 2014"

The Estonian company AS Eesti Viljasalv became the sponsor of the Sixth international conference “Oilseeds&Oils - 2014", which to be held on October 6-7, 2014, in Barcelona, Spain.

AS Eesti Viljasalv is a dynamically developing European trader on the market of oilseed meals, expellers, grains and biofuels. Also, the company is starting operations with vegetable oils step by step on the Baltic Sea and Black Sea. The top target for AS Eesti Viljasalv is the best quality of their services and reliability. They are not classical traders, who buy, sell and “finito” but are highly taking care of personal relations between people with whom the business is made. One of the credos of company has always been that business is made between people not between companies. They develop export channels for customers, starting from making the logistics documents till delivery to other part of world if necessary and keeping even 100% openness of calculations if parties agree so. AS Eesti Viljasalv operates from FCA till CIF basis whatever is needed to do.

AS Eesti Viljasalv sells mainly Estonian, Russian and Kazakh origin cargoes. The company cooperates with Ukraine on DAP basis only. Destinations for AS Eesti Viljasalv are mainly all countries suitable for shipping from the Baltic ports but as mentioned the action plan foresees to open Black Sea business shortly.

You can meet with representatives of the company AS Eesti Viljasalv within frames of the conference “Oilseeds&Oils - 2014”. Here you can become acquainted with the conference program and the conditions of participation.

More detailed information concerning participation, sponsorship, advertising and being a speaker of the conference is provided by the Organizational committee of the conference at APK-Inform Agency:

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