Sep 12, 2018

3:00-13:30 Registration of participants of the workshop

13:30-15:30 Session "State regulation in risk management from food safety and with access to new markets"

Lecturer - Fesenko Svetlana Viktorovna, international auditor, consultant on food safety and grain legislation, a member of the Union "Millers of Ukraine"

Main questions:

  • The main functions and tasks of the State Service of Ukraine on food safety and consumer protection - the only competent authority of Ukraine in the field of state control
  • The main provisions of the Law of Ukraine No. 2042 of 05.2017 “On state control over compliance with the legislation on food, feed, animal by-products, animal health and welfare”, which entered into force on 4.04.2018
  • Проверки операторов рынка без предупреждения, введение риск-ориентированного подхода (оценка риска должна сопровождать каждый важный шаг деятельности как компетентного органа, так и бизнеса), профессиональный государственный контроль, исчерпывающий перечень вопросов для проверки
  • Introduction of an external annual audit of the competent authority (State Service), involvement of members of the public who may be delegated authority to exercise state control
  • Introduction of a fixed amount of the penalty for the corresponding type of violation
  • The main provisions of the new Law of Ukraine "On the basic principles and requirements for food safety and quality" №1602 - VII
  • Updated responsibilities of market operators, put products into circulation
  • State registration of capacities (Art. 25)
  • Approval of export capacity and modification of the register of approved export capacity (Art. 26, 27)
  • Obligation to introduce effective procedures based on the principles of HACCP (Article 21)
  • Introduction of penalties for their absence (art. 64)
  • Obligation to implement a reliable field-to-table traceability system in manufacturing (Art. 22)
  • Responsibility of agri-food market operators. Documentary evidence of product compliance with established requirements.
  • Documentary evidence and conditions of compliance for the import and export of goods - border inspection posts, state border control, laboratory tests
  • Attention! On September 20, 2016, Section VII “General HYGIENIC REQUIREMENTS FOR HANDLING WITH FOOD PRODUCTS” came into effect (Hygienic requirements for enterprises, buildings, floors, walls, equipment and inventory, personnel, pest control, water supply, vehicles, technological and auxiliary materials, food)
  • A unified form of act for state inspectors in the implementation of inspections was approved. Order of Minagroprod No. 41 dated 06.06.2017. CHECK-SHEET to comply with hygiene requirements
  • A unified form of the act for state inspectors in the implementation of inspections in accordance with the Order of Minagroprod No. 42 of 02/06/2017 was approved. On the implementation of the existing procedures of HACCP (CHECK LIST)
  • From 09/20/2017-2018 - Mandatory implementation of existing procedures of HACCP and hygienic requirements
  • Obligation to implement a reliable field-to-table traceability system, in accordance with the requirements of ISO / TS 22005: 2007
  • The reasons for the controversial issues and the reflection of the quality indicators of grain and its products in the purchase / sale contracts, export contracts
  • Cancel certification of industrial technology laboratories
  • Obligation to have a metrological service or a specially trained person in metrological activities at the enterprise.

15:30-15:40 Coffee break

15:40-16:30Session “Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP). Disinfection measures and pest-control - pest control as integral parts”

Main questions:

  • Basic requirements for the use and storage of disinfectants
  • Disinfection of vehicles for the transport of food
  • Review of control, preventive and destructive measures
  • Documentary evidence of ongoing pest control in the workplace
  • Is it possible to solve the problem of pest control independently?
  • Basic sanitary and technical proposals to ensure the absence of conditions for the penetration and spread of pests in storage and production facilities

16:30-17:00Session "ISO 22000: 2018. Major changes and improvements. Switch to the new version»

Lecturer - Belofastova Elena Ivanovna, director of the Kiev branch of the state enterprise "Kyivoblstandardmetrology". Consultant, auditor.

Main questions:

  • The main reasons for the release of a new version of the standard ISO 22000;
  • The new structure, which is the basis of all standards;
  • Risk-based approach:
  • Strategic level to achieve business goals;
  • Operational level - HACCP principles
  • New terms and concepts;
  • Changing the requirements for the required number of documents;
  • Algorithmic approach to the formulation of requirements;
  • Features of the transition to the new version of the standard ISO22000: 2018.
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