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In 2013 Hong Kong Exchange reached the second position in the world in IPO terms

In 2013 the volume of transactions on the initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange grew by 85% to 21.7 bln USD, declared Lorraine Chan, Vice-President of the Exchange.

She noted that the Hong Kong Exchange ranked the second position in the world, second only to NYSE Euronext (the group of companies formed by the merger of the New York Stock Exchange and European Euronext), where the volume of transactions reached 46.5 bln USD in 2013.

L.Chan also noted that to date the Hong Kong Exchange quotes the shares of 1643 companies. In the reporting year their total market capitalization increased by 9.1%, and reached 3.1 trln USD.

It should be noted that to date the Ukrainian agricultural companies are conducting IPO exclusively on the European markets. You can become acquainted with the prospects and opportunities for opening of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange for companies from Ukraine within the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!", (March 2-4, 2014, Hong Kong).


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