January 29 2014, 10:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1333

China: ban on the imports of GM maize from the USA may play into the hands of Ukraine

According to the market operators, the imports of GM maize varieties MIR 162 to China originating from the USA, will be allowed after March 2014 only, despite all attempts of the government of the country-exporter to advance adoption of the decision.

Such development of the situation may play into the hands of Ukraine. In terms of the current ban on imports of GM maize from the key country-supplier – the USA - private Chinese importers may start purchasing the Ukrainian grain. So, in December 2013 Ukraine shipped 108.87 thsd tonnes of non-GM maize to China.

It is possible that in the future China will show the positive dynamics of purchasing of Ukrainian maize.

As for maize imports from the USA, then by the end of 2013 China already canceled the delivery of 0.6 mln tonnes of the grain, due to content of the banned crop variety. In addition, some market operators believe that the supply of another 2 mln tonnes of US maize purchased by China, may be also canceled.

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