January 31 2014, 12:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1470

Russia increased soybean exports to China

According to the official statistics, in December 2013 Russia exported 7.7 thsd tonnes of soybeans to China, an increase of 6 times compared with the previous month index. It should be noted that Russia regularly ships the oilseed to China since September 2011.

At the same time, in November 2013 Ukraine shipped only the second batch of soybeans to China during 5 recent years at the volume of 131 tonnes. The first batch (25 thsd tonnes) to China was shipped in December 2010.

We should note that China is a net importer of soybeans, and according to some forecasts, in the season-2013/14 the country may import nearly 69 mln tonnes of the oilseed (against 60 mln tonnes in the previous season).

You can receive more detailed data on the export prospects of Ukrainian soybeans to China within frames of the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" (March 2-4, 2014, Hong Kong).


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