February 5 2014, 17:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1409

Eastern Asia is interested in increasing of feed grain imports

Countries of Eastern Asia, particularly South Korea, China and Japan, are interested in increasing the import volumes of feed grains for mixed feed production and meeting the needs of the animal husbandry industry, declared Vladimir Klimenko, President of Ukrainian Grain Association.

According to him, the high purchasing capacity of these countries and the continuous improvement of food standards, makes the market more attractive for exporters.

In turn, as the President of Ukrainian Grain Association noted, Ukraine continues increasing volumes of grain production, and is quite interested in expanding the sales markets.

Therefore, the main goal of the conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" is to establish the right business contacts between Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Asia, as it was done 15 years ago in Egypt, summed V.Klimenko.


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