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Conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" started in Hong Kong

On March 2, 2014, the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" started working in Hong Kong.

The conference organizers APK-Inform Agency and Ukrainian Grain Association plan to open the series of roadshows in countries of Southeast Asia with the present conference, designed to discover the potential of the grain sector of the Ukrainian agro-industrial business for the reporting region.

Over 120 delegates from 13 countries take part in the first conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!". During two conference days the participants will discuss the possibility of deepening the partnership and cultural ties between the Ukrainian and world producers of grains, widening the opportunities for application of the perspective agricultural technologies, exchange the experiences of their usage, and receive the unique opportunity to establish the contacts with potential partners from countries of East and Southeast Asia.

You can receive more detailed information on the key points of the conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" from the latest news of APK-Inform Agency.


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