March 4 2014, 09:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1296

Ukrainian grain quality is almost equal to the European grain – expert

To date the qualitative indicators of Ukrainian wheat and maize do not stand down to the French and German grain, declared Gennady Shulga, Vice President of SGS S.A., on March 3 during his speech at the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" in Hong Kong.

The high quality of soils in Ukraine resulted in such high indices of Ukrainian grains, which is supported by thoughtful fertilization especially during recent years, he said.

According to the expert, to date oilseeds in Ukraine also have the similar starting opportunities, in particular it is sunflower seed and soybeans. So, to date the qualitative indicators of Ukrainian soybeans are at the same level as the Argentinian and Brazilian oilseed, added G.Shulga.

According to him, the reporting qualitative characteristics open the good prospects for exports of Ukrainian grains and oilseeds.

He also added that the absence of GM varieties of maize in Ukraine is another advantage of the Ukrainian grain, contributing to its development on the Asian markets.


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