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By 2022, Ukraine and Russia to greatly enhance its presence on the world grain market

By 2022 the volume of world grain trading can significantly grow, and the role of Russia and Ukraine in the reporting market segment will fundamentally increase, declared Dmitry Prikhodko, Economist of the Investment Centre division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), on March 3 during his presentation at the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" in Hong Kong.

According to the forecasts, the world wheat exports will show the upward trend, and in 2022 its volume will reach 150 mln tonnes, in terms of the rising demand by 13%. At the same time, the role of the Black Sea countries on the world market of wheat will grow, he said.

According to the forecast of D.Prikhodko, by 2022 the share of Ukraine in the global exports of wheat will reach 6.2%, against 5.5% in 2013, the index for Russia will increase to 14.1% (10.2%). In turn, the index for the USA in the market segment may reduce to 16.3% (21.1%).

In addition, the FAO expects for the annual growth of exports of coarse grains, due to the increased demand for these commodities. The forecast for increasing of the share of Ukraine on the market totals 13.4% (10.3%), which will bring the country to the 3rd position in the world in terms of foreign supplies of coarse grains, said the expert.

According to D.Prikhodko estimations, by 2022 the world export volumes of the commodities may reach 160 mln tonnes.


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