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Prospects for supply of Ukrainian grains on Asian markets are quite high – expert

Ukrainian grains have rather good prospects on the markets of Asian countries, declared Ekaterina Krivonos, Economist in Trade and Markets Division of the FAO, during her speech at the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!" in Hong Kong.

To date there is a number of reasons – the population growth, the GDP growth, etc. - which contribute to the further growth of grain imports to Asian countries, said the expert.

As for Ukraine, Malaysia is the prospective market for Ukrainian wheat, China is the prospective direction for Ukrainian maize and soybeans, explained E.Krivonos.

As for the exports of vegetable oils, the expert noted that the Asian market is very sensitive to changes of the price situation, and therefore Asian importers often prefer purchasing cheaper palm oil. However, there is also the considerable demand for high-quality sunflower and rapeseed oils, specified E.Krivonos.

She stressed that the supply of agricultural products to Asia requires to consider various tariff barriers, which differ in each of the countries of the region.


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