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Increasing and changing of the geography of Ukrainian grain exports cause development of the infrastructure - APK-Inform

During 10 recent years the annual volume of grain exports from Ukraine increased almost 3 times - from the level of 11.3 mln tonnes in 2004/05 MY, to the forecasted index of 31.7 mln tonnes in the current season. Moreover, the ratio between the export and production volumes of Ukrainian grains in 2013/14 MY may reach 50%, against 27% in 2004/05 MY, declared Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of Business Projects Division of APK-Inform Agency, on March 4 during his presentation at the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!", held in Hong Kong.

Also, the expert noted that in the current season the geography of Ukrainian grains and pulses exports faced some changes. In the period of July 2013 -January 2014 Ukraine supplied nearly 22% of the total grain exports to the countries of Southeast and Eastern Asia, while the share of grain exports to the region in 2012/13 MY was a little over 2% of the total Ukrainian grain exports.

According R.Rybchinskiy, the reporting factors become the key ones in development of the infrastructure of the grain market of Ukraine.

The intensive growth of grain exports causes development of the shipment facilities in the ports, which are currently estimated at the level of 55 mln tonnes of annual shipment volumes, in terms of the maximum achieved monthly shipments of 5.3 mln tonnes of dry bulk agricultural cargoes. In addition, development of the river navigation is the important step for modernization of the infrastructure, for cheaper and more environmentally friendly delivery of grains to the ports, which in the future would allow supplying of nearly 7 mln tonnes of grains by the river for export shipments, said the expert.

R.Rybchinskiy also added that changing of the export geography of Ukrainian grains requires the further improving of elevator complexes of the country, in order to increase the quality of grain treatment and qualitative indicators of Ukrainian grains to meet the stringent standards of Asian countries.

Also, enlargement of agricultural enterprises and consolidation of resources are one of the major factors contributing to development of the infrastructure, which favors investment promotion, summed R.Rybchinskiy.


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