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Season-2013/14 broke new records on the Ukrainian market of sunflower seed - APK-Inform

In 2013/14 MY Ukraine produced more than 11 mln tonnes of sunflower seed, which became the absolute maximum production index for the oilseed, declared Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of Business Projects Division of APK-Inform Agency, on March 4 during his presentation at the first international conference "Ukrainian grain to the world!", held in Hong Kong.

Taking into account increasing of the supply of sunflower seed, in the current season the production of sunflower oil in Ukraine may reach the record high level - 4.4 mln tonnes, according to estimations of APK-Inform.

Also, R.Rybchinskiy reminded that the fat-and-oil industry of Ukraine is export-oriented.

The country consumes nearly 15% of the produced sunflower oil, and exports more than 85%. In 2013/14 MY the export potential of Ukrainian sunflower oil is estimated at 3.9 mln tonnes, which is also the record high index for the country, said R.Rybchinskiy.

The expert added that in September-January of the current season Ukraine already supplied 1.5 mln tonnes of sunflower oil on foreign markets. 14% of the export volumes were supplied to China, which in the current season takes the second position by the volume of purchases of Ukrainian sunflower oil. India still occupies the first position as in the previous season (37%), said R.Rybchinskiy.


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