Unblocking of Odesa ports to allow Ukraine to export 4 mln tonnes of grain per month




Unblocking of Odesa ports will allow Ukraine to export about 4 mln tonnes of grain and oilseeds per month, general director of Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Roman Slastyon said.

According to him, taking into account exports through the Danube ports and land western borders, Ukraine can export 6.6 mln tonnes of agricultural products per month.

R. Slastyon believes that this will be enough to export the remnants of last year's crop of 15-18 mln tonnes and new-crop grain.

According to his forecasts, Ukraine should harvest about 70 mln tonnes of new-crop grain in 2022. Approximately 15-20 mln tonnes of grain are needed for domestic needs. Thus, Ukraine's export potential is 70 mln tonnes of grain and oilseeds.

"If we export 6 mln tonnes per month, we should be able to ship everything in 12 months", – R. Slastyon said.

These forecasts may not come true if foreign ship-owners do not want to go to Ukrainian ports for grain.

"So far, the number of applicants is small. We hope that it will increase, because there are preliminary agreements about new vessels that should come for grain", – he said.