Kakhovka Protein Agro Ltd. - a sponsor of the gala-dinner of the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2012"




Kakhovka Protein Agro Ltd.becamethe sponsor of the gala-dinner at the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market – 2012", to be held on May 16-18, 2012, in Yalta (hotel "Palmira Palace").

Kakhovka Protein Agro Ltd. is the largest complex for processing of soybeans in Ukraine, the dynamically developing company, which successfully solves the assigned problem in the current economic situation. Thedevelopment is facilitated by the available material resources, financial measures, the system of existing business relations, competent, qualified personnel.

The advantageous location of the plant: transport accessibility - a small distance from major transport hubs and corridors;required provision of raw materials – the harvest of soybeans in the southern Ukraine on its characteristics is equivalent to soybeans grown in South America, and the irrigated lands provide the stable production volumes. The presence of modern grain and chemical laboratories provides continuous monitoring of incoming raw materials and produced commodities. These and many other factors allow to the production of Kakhovka Protein Agro Ltd. to meet the required international standards. Production of pelleted and crude feed soybean meal meets the requirements of DSTU 4230:2003. Production of crude and hydrated soybean oil meets the requirements of DSTU 4534:2006.

You can learn more details about the company, and establish contacts with its representatives within framesof the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market – 2012". In addition, Rudenko O.A., Director of Kakhovka Protein Agro Ltd., will describe all prospects of the Ukrainian market of soybeans in his speech.

You can fill in the application form to participate in the conference "Ukrainian soybean market – 2012" here.