"The Ukrainian market of soybeans - 2012" conference began its work in Yalta




In Yalta, started an international conference "The Ukrainian market of soybeans - 2012" organized by APK-Inform.

The conference is supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Association "Ukroliyaprom", Ukrainian Association of producers and processors of soybeans, etc.

General sponsors of the event - Protein Production, Creative. Sponsors - Sodrujestvo, Bronto, Farmet, Delta Wilmar.

The conference will analyze the current situation and medium-term projections of the world and Ukrainian market of soybeans and by-products, analysis of key factors affecting the Ukrainian market of soybeans and by-products. It is also planned to discuss the main features of trade in soybeans and by-products (soybean meal and soybean oil), the issues of improving the efficiency of soybean production.

The conference provides the session-discussion on the topic of genetically modified soybeans.
On the second day of the conference "Ukrainian market of soybeans - 2012" will be held a seminar on the technological aspects of soybean processing, as well as a seminar, during which will be discussedthe ways to improve the efficiency of soybean production in Ukraine with regard to the requirements of the market.