Ukraine may grow nearly 4 mln ha of soybeans – expert




Ukraine may grow nearly 4 mln ha of soybeans in the soybean belt of the country, and produce 10 mln tonnes of the oilseed, 450-600 thsd tonnes of biological nitrogen, reported Natalya Grigorchuk, Head of the Laboratory of soybean selection of the Institute of oilseed crops, during the seminar “Technological aspects of soybean processing”, which took place within frames of the conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2012" on May 18 in Yalta.

According N.Grigorchuk, such development will provide revenue to the economy of the country at the level of 35 bln UAH.

According to Viktor Sonets, Deputy Director of "Research institute of soybeans" Ltd., to date Ukraine practically reached the industrial scales of production and processing of soybeans, and every year the demand for soybeans continues increasing. According to him, in 2011 soybean areas occupied 1.11 mln ha of arable lands. The average yield totaled 2.05 t/ha.

The expert noted that providing of haymaking and stubble soybean planting is one of the ways to generate additional production volumes of soybeans. However, agrarians should take into account the agro-climatic and soil-hydrolytic conditions of of a particular territory during such operations.