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Dec 2, 2021

MAS Seeds to extend seed production in Ukraine




MAS Seeds is working on extension of its production in Ukraine, as the country has got the access to the European market, declared acting General Director, MAS SEEDS UKRAINE LLC, Mykola Chernysh within Online Seed Forum-2021 on March 11.

The company is discussing investment into extension of production because the opening of new markets will be the main trend for the next season, as Ukraine now is able to supply corn seed to the EU. The company expects high demand for Ukrainian seed among offices of MAS Seeds in other European countries.

“Our European colleagues know that our seed produced in Ukraine have the same or even better quality compered to European seed. Moreover, we are price competitive as the production of seed in cheaper in Ukraine”, - he said.

The company has approved plan for production and export of 60 thsd of corn seed to Germany, Poland and France in 2021/22 MY.

“Ability to export seed to Europe opens new possibilities for MAS Seeds Ukraine”, - M.Chernysh is sure.

He reminded that the official launch of seed plant of MAS Seeds Ukraine was in 2010. Over this period, the investments into construction and extension of capacities have totaled 40 mln euro. It is the first seed plant outside the EU certified with ESTA. The plant has the up-to-date digital system of tracking and comprehensive production control as well as modern laboratory for quality control conducting analysis according to ISTA standards.  


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