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Dec 2, 2021

Average area under corn seeds totaled 268 thsd ha in Europe – F.N.P.S.M.S




An average area under corn hybrids seeds totaled 268 thsd ha in Europe in the recent 3 years, declared Pierre Guillaumin, Head of economy department at F.N.P.S.M.S. within Seed Forum – 2021 on December 2.

He said that 1 ha of seeds allowed to plant 120 ha with corn for grain and silos.

“In 2019-2021, the average area under corn seeds totaled 169 thsd ha in the EU. The biggest areas were located in France – 78 thsd ha, Hungary – 30.5 thsd ha and Romania – 28 thsd ha. Moreover, about 99 thsd ha were allocated for corn seeds production in Europe outside the EU. Ukraine is on the leading position with 33 thsd ha determined for corn seeds”, – the expert said.

France is the largest European producers of corn seeds. It produces 16 mln seed units of corn hybrids and export 60% of this volume. Countries of Western Europe are the main destinations for French corn seeds.

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