"Seed Forum-2022 "
Feb 22, 2022

Seed Forum – 2022: all about seeds ahead of planting campaign




Traditional seed conference Seed Forum will be held prior to the spring planting campaign on February 14, 2022 in Kyiv.

APK-Inform in partnership with French National Federation of Maize and Sorghum Seed Production (F.N.P.S.M.S) and Seed Association of Ukraine are organizers of the event.

Seed Forum – 2022 will be the main platform for meeting of the leading experts and analysts of seed segment, participants of grain and oilseed markets, representatives of industry organizations and associations, ministries and institutions.  

In light of the high interest to seeds market development revealed within Seed Forum 2021. Online visited by about 250 participants from 28 countries, the following topics were determined as the key to discuss:

  • Trend of seeds production in Ukraine and the EU
  • Innovative technologies in seeds industry
  • Seeds falsification
  • Estimation of demand for seeds in Ukraine and the EU
  • Trends of selection
  • Peculiarities of seeds trade
  • Experience of Ukrainian farmers using seeds of difference selection

Speakers will analyze not only selection issues, but also the global economic trends influencing the demand for certain crops. Additionally, we will pay our attention to the peculiarities of seeds trade, competition in the industry and its possible consequences, seeds falsification.

Breeders will present their latest solutions for agrarians, while farmers  will share the real cases of seeds fund formation.  

Current information first hand, reliable analytics, opinions of experts, well-reasoned forecasts. Only Seed Forum - 2022! Only seeds!

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If you have any doubts, check the video of Seed Forum – 2021 at our Youtube channel. It will be even hotter in 2022!

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