"Seed Forum-2022 "
Feb 22, 2022

MAS Seeds Ukraine sponsors Seed Forum-2022




A representative office of French cooperation group MAISADOUR company MAS Seeds Ukraine sponsors Seed Forum-2022. The company operates on the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years.

MAS Seeds is French seed brand presented by the key agricultural crops - sunflower seed, corn, winter rapeseed and alfalfa.

Own seed plant located in Dnipropetrovsk oblast is the largest plant in Ukraine. Its annual capacity is more than 1 mln seed units. This plant is the most advanced among all of MAS Seeds’ facilities located in France, Spain and Italy. Mass investments into construction (more than 40 mln EUR) allowed up-to-date equipment providing high quality on each production stage. Seed of MAS Seeds complies with all standards of ESTA (European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme) and all procedures for granted high quality. There is an internal production control at the plant, including specialized laboratory monitoring quality indicators of seed (germination, varietal purity and quality of seed processing) at each production stage. Seed produced in Ukraine have won the truth and respect of Ukrainian farmers, thus today 90% of corn seed and 50% of sunflower seed of MAS Seeds are produced in Ukraine and the rest is imported from France and Spain.

As an added value, MAS Seeds offers farmers an exclusive formula of seed treatment Agrostart PLUS containing bio-stimulant, fungicide and insecticide. This treatment allows to have stronger plants reliably protected from pests and diseases. Plant processing grants better quality of components application, optimal covering of seed and good fluidity of seeds in a seeder without its sticking. The company studied seed treated and not treated with Agrostart PLUS and persuaded that under stress and lack of moisture the technology is able to promote faster initial development of a plant and strong development of roots that improves nutrition and increase the yield by 2 c/ha.

MAS Seeds invests into development of informational technologies, as the implementation of different agri-services grants the maximum revenues, minimal expenses per hectare and efficient management. AGROTEMPO is an achievement of MAS Seeds in agri-informational technologies. It is a mobile agri-app to monitor fields with wide range of applications working both online and offline. Well-known US company IBM provides meteorological data for AGROTEMPO app. The app consists of various modules that allow forecasting sowing and development of plants basing on weather conditions of certain producing region, handle different field reports and save all technological maps of fields. Modules of AGROTEMPO calculate such key indicators as water stress index, soil temperature, stage of development and optimal dates for planting and harvesting.

The motto of MAS Seeds is United to Grow. The company closely cooperates with Ukrainian farmers to offer them elite seed of French selection, updated portfolio of products adapted for soil and climatic conditions of Ukraine, agri-technological support of MAS seed in the region.

You can meet and talk to representatives of MAS Seeds Ukraine within Seed Forum-2022 that will be held in a complex format including three stages:


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