"Seed Forum-2022 "
Feb 22, 2022

Ukrainian farmers have 80% of required volume of seeds for 2022 planting campaign – APK-Inform




Ukrainian farmers have 80% of the required volume of seeds of the key field crops for 2022 planting campaign, said Andriy Kupchenko, head of Business projects unit at APK-Inform within a press breakfast "Trends and prospects of the seed market" on February 14.

He added that the farmers are 65% covered with crop protection products, 55% covered with fuel and 64% covered with fertilizers, according to the results of a polling by APK-Inform.

Additionally, within the polling, more than 40% of farmers informed that the prices of seeds and fuels increased by 10-30%. More than 60% of farmers told that the prices of fertilizers increased by more than 50%.



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