"Ukrainian soybeans: organic and traditional", Kiev
Feb 21, 2018

The Ukrainian Association of Soy Producers and Processors, together with the APK-Inform Agency and the Danube Soy International Association, announce the holding of the second international conference, Ukrainian Soya: Organic and Traditional, to be held on February 21, 2018 in Ukraine as part of the exhibition Grain Technologies –2018 ”(Kiev, International Exhibition Center, Brovarsky Ave., 15).

Soy segment in Ukraine is one of the most dynamically developing and promising. This fact is due to the high demand for Ukrainian oilseed both in the country and in foreign markets. At the same time, considerable attention is attracted by the production of organic soybeans and their processed products, since organic production in Ukraine is under active formation.

What are the prospects for the production of organic and traditional soybeans, as well as their products in Ukraine and abroad? Possible options for further use of oilseeds, new organic products of soybean processing. These and other issues will be addressed in the framework of the conference "Ukrainian soybeans: organic and traditional."

The main thematic sections

  • Analysis of the Ukrainian market of soybeans and their products: import / export of raw materials and main processed products.
  • Organic products: efficient production and rational use.
  • Soybean varieties and their proper selection.
  • Agrotechnological issues of soybean production (organic, traditional).
  • Ukraine and abroad
  • Questions of the quality of soybeans and its processed products
  • Using oilseeds in feed: as its products, and not mediocre soybeans of own cultivation to reduce the cost of the ration.

Expected number of participants: about 250 people.

Target audience: independent agricultural producers (about 50%), agricultural holdings, traders and processors (about 20%), as well as companies - manufacturers and suppliers of material and technical resources, representatives of the scientific sphere (20% and 10% of all conference participants, respectively).

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