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Lumex Group became the sponsor of "Ukrainian soybean market - 2014"

Lumex Group of Companies became the sponsor of the second international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2014", to be held on June 18-19, in Odessa (hotel Bristol).

Group of companies Lumex is the international private company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The main activity of Lumex is production of analytical instrumentation for quality control and safety of agricultural products, grains and oilseeds, mixed fodder and food raw materials, and products, for example for the analysis of whole soybeans and its by products (meal, cake, texturate, concentrate, isolate, etc.). Using the express analyzer, it is possible to simultaneously determine the content of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, etc. in 1.5 minutes. Also, using the express analyzer, one can analyze liquid oils - phosphorus-containing substances, acid and peroxide values. The Group produces both express analyzers and laboratory equipment for carrying-out of analysis of agricultural products by conventional chemical methods, such as the analysis of amino acid composition, analysis of the content of vitamins, toxic elements and substances.

Lumex realizes testing and commissioning of the supplied equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee service, and maintenance at the territory of Ukraine.

The quality management system of Lumex is certified in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Within frames of the conference, Tatyana Kuznetsova, leading specialist on IR analysis of Lumex, will present her report “Express-control of soybeans and by-products quality”, and tell about the proposed complex solution of the urgent problems for process monitoring of products: simultaneous rapid determination of all normalized indices in such type of products. Seeds of pulses, oilseeds and grains without grinding or caving shell, meals, cakes, oils, texturates, isolates, concentrates, etc. can act as the object of analysis. At the same time, the list of determined indicators includes crude fat (oil content), crude protein, moisture content, fiber, glucosinolates (in rapeseed), some amount of micro-components (ash, acidity, etc.).

You can meet with representatives of the Group of companies Lumex, by taking part in the second international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2014", to be held on June 18-19, 2014, in Odessa.

Here you can become acquainted with information about the conference program.

Organizational committee provides more detailed information on conditions of participation in conference, sponsorship, or making a presentation:

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