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In 2014 soybean yield in Svarog West Group doubled compared with the average index in Ukraine

In 2014 the soybean yield indices in enterprises of Svarog West Group are expected to vary within 3.5-3.7 t/ha, which is 2 times higher compared with the expected average rate in Ukraine (nearly 2 t/ha), declared Maxim Mayarchuk, Director of production automation department of the corporation Svarog West Group, during his report on June 19 in Odessa at the international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2014".

According to him, usage of modern technologies in production of the oilseed made possible achievement of such high rates.

In particular, the company uses high-quality seeds, which are treated at the seed plant of Svarog West Group, which allows increasing soybean yield by 20%. At the same time, the purity level of the used seeds totals 99.9%, said the expert.

In addition, usage of the technology of diversified fertilizer application allows increasing the oilseed yield by 4.66%. The company is closely monitoring the transportation route of the harvested crop from fields to the granaries, which assists reducing the losses.

According to M.Mayarchuk, the company plans to introduce the concept of "online-field", which will allow monitoring the crops areas, and effectively applying the required plant protecting agents and fertilizers depending on the phase of development. Also, Svarog West Group plans to found its own network of meteorological stations, and actively use drone aircraft to analyze the condition of crops and receive more detailed information.


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