"Soybean & meal market", Odessa, Ukraine
Aug 26, 2021

Pology OEP sponsors conference Soybean and Meal market




Pology Oil Extraction Plant sponsors the conference Soybean and Meal market, which will be held on August 26 in Odessa.

Pology OEP is one of the largest European processors of oilseeds. The first plant of the factory was put into operation in December 1974. The enterprise is a consolidated complex of workshops and subsidiary units with developed infrastructure.

Today, Pology OEP PJSC is a company that develops its technical and technological base. This is achieved through the implementation of investment projects, new control methods, adjusting production capacity in accordance with the requirements of European standard. Pology OEP has been and continues to be the leader of advanced technologies in production.

For the first time in Ukraine, in 2004, a new technological scheme of parallel processing of two oilseeds - sunflower and soybean - was introduced at Pology OEP. Due to the reconstruction of the equipment and the application of new technologies at some stages of processing, the efficiency of production was increased from 1080 to 2200 tonnes of sunflower per day.

The company is constantly taking measures aimed at reducing costs and increasing production efficiency, which, in turn, leads to a reduction in the cost of the final product.

Stable positions of Pology OEP on the domestic and international markets are achieved due to the high quality of products and competitive prices. Therefore, the company's strategy is to strengthen its leading position as a manufacturer of high quality, competitive products that meet regulatory and legal requirements as well as consumer expectations.


You can get acquainted, communicate and discuss the conditions of possible cooperation with the representatives of Pology OEP during the conference Soybean and Meal market having passed the quick registration.


See you at the main professional conference of soybean segment in our favorite Odessa!
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