"Soybean & meal market", Odessa, Ukraine
Aug 26, 2021

Viktor & K sponsors conference Soybean and Meal market




Private enterprise Viktor & K sponsors the largest soybean conference in Ukraine Soybean and Meal market.

Viktor & K has more than 30 years of experience in producing sunflower oil, mayonnaises and many other food products supplied to more than 80 countries under the trade mark “King Smak”.

Viktor & K offers for sale the following by-products, generated on a continuous basis by its full-cycle crushing facilities:

  • Crude lecithin

Crude lecithin, or phosphatide concentrates is a certified industrial by-product of the hydration process used in sunflower and soybean oil production. Crude lecithin primarily serves as feedstock for food-grade lecithin production in the bakery and confectionery industries as well as feedstock for formula feed and feed supplement production in livestock farming.

  • Fatty acids

Fatty acids are one of the most well-known and sought-after by-products of the vegetable (most often, sunflower) oil refining process. Fatty acids primary market in the animal formula-feed industry. Besides, they are used in food processing as a direct formula ingredient as well as in soap making and production of glycerin and stearin.

  • Meal

Meal is the final by-product of vegetable oil production. High-protein meal provides a source of protein for formula feeds and feed supplements used in animal and poultry farming.

Viktor & K is one of the leading companies in Ukrainian fat & oil industry. Cooperation, development, professionalism are always in focus of company’s priority and allow to face the future with confidence.


You can meet and communicate with the representatives of Viktor & K within Soybean and Meal market to be held on August 26 in Odessa (отель Premier Hotel Odesa).

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