Online conference "Sunflower seed and oil: new reality on global market"
Jul 7, 2022
New reality on global market of sunflower seed and oil

As a leader in sunflower production (a 31%-share in the world market) and export of sunflower oil (50%), Ukraine has been a key supplier of products to about 180 countries for 25 years.

The geography of exports of Ukrainian sunoil was very wide, but among the key importers, it is worth highlighting the European Union with a share of 32.4%, India (32%) and China (11%).

As a result of Russia's military aggression in Ukraine, the main ways of exporting agricultural products - seaports - have been blocked, which is already having a significant impact on the food security of a number of countries.

How oil buyers assess the situation, as well as what Ukraine’s main competitors in the world market are going to do, already on July 7 as part of the online conference “New reality on global market of sunflower seed and oil”

The main topics of the event:
  • New reality in the global sunflower and sunflower oil market: what is happening and what to expect (Matt Ammermann, Vice President, StoneX Group)

  • South America: will Argentina increase its presence in the global sunflower oil market? (Pablo Adreani, Trading Market Analyst, Founder El Faro Trading – Lighthouse Trading, Director Pablo Adreani & Associates)

  • EU: prospects for cooperation with Ukraine in the new realities (Maxence Devillers, market analyst, Agritel, Argus media company)

  • India: new dynamics of sunoil demand and supply, how do we manage (Sandeep Bajoria, President, Sunvin Group)

The event will be held on the ZOOM platform on July 7.
Start - 2 pm (Kyiv time) 
Language of the conference is English.
Participation is free.


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