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 The third International conference

"High-oleic market: from niche to market segment"

September 18, 2017

Kiev, hotel Alfavito

About the Conference



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APK-Inform Agency announces the third International conference "High-oleic market: from niche to market segment", which takes place in Kiev (hotel Rus) on September 18, 2017.

Not so long ago the high-oleic sunflower market was little-known for average consumers, but the interest in good and healthy cooking made high-oleic sunflower seed and high-oleic oil high profile products not only in the world, but also in Ukraine. To date, the current development rates of the market segment demonstrate some increasing in production, consumption and exports. According to forecasts of APK-Inform analysts, in the season-2016/17 the production of high-oleic sunflower oil will grow to 156.6 thsd tonnes, the exports - 155 thsd tonnes, up 2 times compared with the figures in 2015/16 MY, and up 3 times compared with the average figures for five recent seasons. Only in September-May of 2016/17 MY, Ukraine exported record volumes of HO sunflower oil - 120 thsd tonnes. Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands became the TOP-3 largest importers of the Ukrainian product.

The growing interest of importers, European consumers of high-oleic oil, stimulates the further development of the market segment in Ukraine.

Availability of a price premium in relation to traditional sunflower seed and sunflower oil provides a good potential to increase the planted areas under high-oleic sunflower seed, as well as the production and exports of high-oleic oil.

In the current year, the conference "High-oleic market: from niche to market segment" provides the following topics:

  • Current trends on the global high-oleic market, prospects for 2017/18 MY;

  • Topical issues in HO sunflower production;

  • High-oleic oilseeds: current condition, prospects for development;

  • Role of Ukraine on the global market of high-oleic products;

  • Further prospects for high-oleic sunflower seed and high-oleic oil in Ukraine: evolution/revolution;

  • High-oleic margin: true or false?

  • Bottled high-oleic oil as a way to expand the sales market.


Expected number of participants - 120-150 delegates.


Target audience: sunflower seed crushers, exporters of sunflower oil and sunflower seed, importers of Ukrainian HO oil, representatives of government institutions, representatives of logistics and surveyor companies, agricultural producers, seed companies, researchers, etc.


Organizing committee of the conference:

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