Sunflower Oil: Keep on Trading Online-2020
Jun 11, 2020

APK-Inform Agency continues a series of on-line conferences on cereals and oilseeds gathering the leading experts.

APK-Inform, once again, gathers online the leading global and Black sea region experts to discuss the situation on sunflower oil market in 2020.

 Key points of the event:

  • How lockdowns and Covid-19 influenced global and local sunflower oil demand?
  • Cheap oil and vegetable oil prices - does correlation have its' limits?
  • How pandemic regime affected India's imports of vegetable oils and sunflower oil?
  • Ukrainian sunflower oil exports: breaking the new record by volume and destinations
  • Ukraine's sunflower oil logistics in Covid-19 times
  • How does Russia try to increase sunflower oil exports?  
  • What are the hidden risk factors for sunflower oil trade in next months?

This time the event will be held on June 11th and language of the conference will be English.


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