Sunflower Oil: Keep on Trading Online-2020
Jun 11, 2020

12.30-14.00 | Сonference time


Svitlana Synkovska, Marketing Director, APK-Inform Agency


Status quo of edible oils processing industry in China
Andriy Vusyk, Deputy General Director, Myande Group Rus LLC

Impact of pandemic regime on India's imports of vegetable oils and sunflower oil
Sandeep Bajoria, CEO Sunvin Group

The analysis of fundamental factors’ impact on dynamics of prices and demand for sunflower oil up to the end of the season-2019/20
Sergiy Repetskiy, managing partner, broker company "Sunstone Brokers SA", Switzerland

Ukraine's sunflower oil logistics in Covid-19 times
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Key topics:

• How lockdowns and Covid-19 influenced global and local sunflower oil demand?
• Cheap oil and vegetable oil prices - does correlation have its' limits?
• Ukrainian sunflower oil exports: breaking the new record by volume and destinations
• How does Russia try to increase sunflower oil exports?




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