Second round of the "V Ukrainian Grain Congress"
Nov 25, 2014

Chinese company to form relationships with Ukrainian suppliers




The condition and prospects of development of the grain market is one of the key topics of the Second round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress. Therefore, the potential for cooperation between Ukraine and China in the grain sphere will become one of the major issues within the topic.

Thus, one of the potential partners – the Chinese corporation Sinopharm International - will attend the conference, in order to establish direct contacts with Ukrainian grain suppliers.

China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm) is the largest medical and healthcare group under the direct leadership of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council of China. Also, the company is actively engaged in the imports of edible oils and grains (barley, maize and sorghum). Chris Wang will introduce the corporation Sinopharm at the Ukrainian Grain Congress.

Chris Wang works in Sinopharm for 6 years. He assisted to formation of close contacts with members of the Ukrainian market of sunflower oil. To date, Chris is working out features of the grain business and the potential for cooperation on the market between China and Ukraine.

You can meet representatives of the company Sinopharm International, by visiting the Second round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress.