Second round of the "V Ukrainian Grain Congress"
Nov 25, 2014

In 2014/15 MY Ukraine to export nearly 53% of the harvested grain volumes - APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform analysts, in 2014/15 MY the exports of grains and pulses from Ukraine may reach 32.2 mln tonnes, or 53% of the forecasted harvest volumes of grains in the country (60.6 mln tonnes), declared Andrei Kupchenko, Analyst of APK-Inform Agency, during his report at the Second round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress, on November 26 in Kiev.

Also, the expert noted that in the current season Ukrainian agrarians managed to reach the high yield indices of the major grain crops, despite a lot of negative factors.

Thus, the average yield of wheat in the country is estimated at 3.91 t/ha, which is the absolute record, and the yield of barley – 3.01 t/ha, which is only slightly below compared with the record level of 2008 (3.03 t/ha), said A.Kupchenko.

At the same time, in the current season the maize yields is estimated somewhat lower compared with last year (6.41 t/ha) and totals 5.77 t/ha.

As a result, even in terms of some decline of the planted areas of grain crops in Ukraine in 2014 to 15.5 mln ha (17.5 mln ha in 2013), APK-Inform Agency estimated the general grain harvest at 60.6 mln tonnes, including 23.3 mln tonnes of wheat, 8.9 mln tonnes of barley, 26.3 mln tonnes of maize. Such indicators allow forming the export potential at the level of 32.2 mln tonnes, including 10.35 mln tonnes of wheat, 3.34 mln tonnes of barley, 18.10 mln tonnes of maize, the expert said.