Second round of the "V Ukrainian Grain Congress"
Nov 25, 2014

Until 2020, Ukraine to raise the annual exports of grains and oilseeds to 49.6 mln tonnes – expert




Until 2020 Ukraine may increase the annual export volumes of grains and oilseeds to the level of 49.6 mln tonnes, up 60% compared with 2013 volumes, declared Andrei Shklyar, Head of the expert division at the Center for Transport Strategies, on November 26 in Kiev during his report at the Second round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress.

Also, the expert noted that to date the sea ports of Odessa and Nikolayev oblast cover more than 90% of grain exports from Ukraine.

During the first 10 months of 2014 the growth of grain export volumes through the ports of Odessa totaled 52%, to the level of 15.9 mln tonnes; the ports of Nikolayev and Kherson - 28%, to 7.8 mln tonnes, said A.Shklyar.

Also, he said that in the reporting period the port of Berdyansk showed the largest increase of grain export volumes – up 146%. But it should be noted that the shipment volumes of the port are small-scale - in January-October of 2014 they totaled 0.8 mln tonnes only. The port Yuzhny showed the second largest growth results - 75%, to 6.9 mln tonnes.

As for the forecast on development of port transshipment capacities in Ukraine, A.Shklyar said that in the coming years there is planned to increase transshipment capacities of Odessa oblast to 25.8 mln tonnes. The estimation is based on data from the companies which are actually planning to build new terminals, said the expert.