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First round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress to start in 7 working days

APK-Inform Agency and Ukrainian Grain Association continue providing preparation works for the First round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress.

To date more than 100 participants from 15 countries confirmed their participation in the event.

The company Groupe Soufflet (France) became the General sponsor of the Paris round. The stock exchange EURONEXT is the Exclusive sponsor, the French company InVivo Grains is the Gold sponsor. Crédit Agricole Group is the Financial partner of the event.

Also, the Congress organizers have to remind that there are 7 working days only remained until beginning of the First round, so the companies which decided to participate in the event, but have not filled in the application forms, can register in the Congress via the web-link.

For additional information and the issues on participation, please contact us:

APK-Inform Agency

+38(0562) 320795 - multichannel

Oksana Starina [email protected]

Ukrainian Grain Association

+38 (044) 279-39-68, +38 (044) 279-39-69

Lesia Militska [email protected]

[email protected]


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