First round of the "Ukrainian Grain Congress",Paris, France
Sep 8, 2014

InVivo Grains - sponsor of the First round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress




InVivo Grains is the largest group of agricultural cooperatives in France. The company became the sponsor of the First round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress, which to be held on September 8-10, 2014, in Paris, France.

InVivo is a group of the leading French agricultural cooperatives, which unites 223 companies-members and 4 business activities:

- seeds and the supplies for agriculture and forestry (InVivo Agro);

- animal nutrition and health businesses (the specialized factory of animal feed is located in Mornac, and each year produces nearly 30 thsd tonnes of forages, sold under the trademarks Exigence, Canicaf and Caticaf (InVivo Nutrition et Santé Animales);

- grain storage and trade (InVivo Grains);

- specialized distribution network (Gamm Vert stores and the enterprise Néodis, producing for sale home and garden maintenance commodities, food and health products for pets, pest control commodities (InVivo Grand Public).

The Group was founded in 2001, by the merger of two French collection and supply agricultural cooperatives: SIGMA and UNCAA (National Union of Agricultural Cooperatives Supply).

The following Figure provides the share and annual turnover of each of the business activities of the Group:




In 2011 the general annual turnover of the company totaled 6.083 bln EUR, and in 2012-2013 – 6.100 bln EUR, which allows to the group of companies InVivo to occupy the first position among groups of French agricultural cooperatives, and the seventh position - among the European companies (after such companies as Friesland Campina (the Netherlands), Bay Wa (Germany), Arla Foods (Denmark-Sweden), Südzucker (Germany), Danish Crown (Denmark) and Agravis (Germany).

The main office of the group of companies InVivo is located in Paris, France.

Philippe Mitko, Business development manager for Eastern Europe at InVivo Grains, will make a speech at the conference on the system of cooperatives as a successful business model of modern society.

You can meet with representatives of the company InVivo within frames of the First round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress.