First round of the "Ukrainian Grain Congress",Paris, France
Sep 8, 2014

Ukrainian agribusiness can effectively operate in terms of the Association with the EU – expert




The Ukrainian agricultural sector will be able to effectively work upon observance of the mechanisms and requirements, acting in the EU countries, declared Gilles Mettetal, Director for Agribusiness at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), on September 8 within his speech at the First round of the V Ukrainian Grain Congress in Paris.

Ukraine does not make sense to be afraid of globalization, including the agricultural sector, because the Ukrainian agricultural industry is competitive enough. For example, if to date the EU government support was canceled, most agricultural producers would be forced to file for bankruptcy. At the same time, such decision would have no practical effect at Ukrainian agrarians, because they are already working in terms of the minimum state support, said the expert.

G.Mettetal noted that to date, for example, the subsidy per hectare in the EU totals nearly 250 EUR/ha, while in Ukraine the index totals nearly 5 EUR/ha only. At the same time, the expert said that the European Union has much more rigid mechanism of control of the expenditure of state funds, while Ukrainian agrarians are similar to "free artist" in the sphere, said the expert.

Therefore, the statement that in the current conditions European agrarians are in much better position than their Ukrainian counterparts, is quite controversial, summed up G.Mettetal.