Ukrainian - American Agrarian Congress,Washington, USA
Mar 23, 2015

APK-Inform Group and Vektor Company Group to develop Ukrainian-Asian Business Center




APK-Inform Group, which includes Ukrainian APK-Inform Agency and Kazakh APK-Inform Asia LLC, signed a memorandum with Vektor Company Group on cooperation in the creation and development of the Ukrainian-Asian Business Center.

The main goal of this cooperation, in accordance with the project for the development of relations between Ukraine, Kazakhstan, European and Asian countries, is the creation of an information and consultation center for the exchange of experience on the basis of ensuring the development of agricultural science, technology transfer and the level of competences of agro-industrial complex enterprises, ensuring communication between the Ukrainian business and potential consumers in the countries of Central Asia within the framework of both state programs and private business projects.

The companies intend to work together to increase the level of technical equipment of agricultural enterprises in Kazakhstan and other countries of the region, to intensify production and efficiency of land and water resource use as well as to ensure implementation of digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex.

The business center will be developed on the base of APK-Inform Asia LLC.

"Our goal is to create an effective business platform for representatives of Ukrainian and Kazakh companies working in the agricultural and related fields. APK-Inform Asia is ready to support Ukrainian manufacturers of equipment, machinery, material and technical resources, technology suppliers and other services in Kazakhstan in the establishment of business contacts, organization of B2B meetings, business tours as well as in participation in industry events in the Central Asia, provision of consulting services, including legal one", – director of APK-Inform Asia LLC Elena Cherednichenko said.

The head of Vektor Company Group Aleksandr Aleksandrov noted that they saw mutual benefit for Kazakhstan and Ukraine in the development of this business center.

"Kazakhstan will be able to receive consultations of the best Ukrainian experts on the application of innovative technologies in order to modernize existing enterprises and build new ones, exchange experience with qualified employees of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises. We place great emphasis on the development of the fat-and-oil industry. Ukraine, for its part, will be able to increase the export potential of modern specialized equipment for fat-and-oil industry, elevator industry, thermal power engineering, etc. to Kazakhstan. This will contribute to the development of the agricultural industry of Kazakhstan, the machine-building industry of Ukraine and will have a positive economic effect for both countries", – A. Aleksandrov believes.