"Ukrainian Agrarian Congress", Kyiv, Ukraine
Oct 15, 2015

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and grain traders to sign the Memorandum of understanding at the Ukrainian Agrarian Congress




The ceremony of signing of the Memorandum of understanding on grain export volumes between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the leading organizations of the grain market, will take place in Kiev, within frames of the Ukrainian Agrarian Congress on October 15-16.

In particular, the document specifies the required grain volumes for the exports from Ukraine in 2015/16 MY.

According to the final variant of the memorandum, the estimated export volumes of all wheat varieties will reach the level of 16.5 mln tonnes, including A- and B-group wheat (1- and 5-grades) - 8.7 mln tonnes, feed wheat (6-grade and non-grade) - 7.7 mln tonnes.

The specified volumes for barley total 3.8 mln tonnes, corn - 16 mln tonnes.

Also, the parties will agree to negotiate the monthly export volumes until completion of the harvesting campaign works, and after completion of the wintering period, the spring planting campaign, and vegetation of crops, etc.

At the same time, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy reserves the right to initiate further state regulating measures in the case of threats to the food security of the country, including significant deviations of the actual export volumes from its limiting volumes recorded in the memorandum.

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