"Ukrainian Agrarian Congress", Kyiv, Ukraine
Oct 15, 2015

Oleksiy Pavlenko,

Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


Yaroslav Krasnopolskiy,

First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


Vladyslava Rutytska,

Deputy Minister on European Integration, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


Volodymyr Lapa,

Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


Andy Hunder,

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine

Serhiy Hlushchenko,

Chairman of the State Service on Safety of Foodstuffs and Consumer Protection


Leonid Kozachenko,

President at Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation


Andriy Vadaturskyy,

Member of Parliament of Ukraine, Committee on Agrarian Policy


Ivan Miroshnychenko,

Member, Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, Verkhovna Rada [Parliament] of Ukraine


Volodymyr Klymenko,

President, Ukrainian Grain Association




Mykola Gorbachov,

Director, New World Grain Ukraine; European Business Association


Shevki AkyunerEBRD Director for Ukraine

Morgan Williams,

Director, Government Affairs, Washington Office, SigmaBleyzer; President/CEO, U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), Washington, D.C.



Oleksiy Vadaturskyy,

General Director, NIBULON Agricultural Limited Liability Company, Hero of Ukraine, Nominee for the World Food Prize (WFP)

Dmitry Prikhodko,

Agricultural Economist, FAO’s Investment Centre Division,

Ekaterina Krivonos,

Economist in the Trade and Markets Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Rodion Rybchinsky,

Head of Business-Projects Division at APK-Inform


Tatyana Adamenko,

Head of Agrometeorology department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center


Horacio A.M. Sánchez Caballero,

Coordinator of GPS project


Martín Fraguío,

Executive director of MAIZAR (Argentine Corn and Sorghum Association)



Daryna Kovalska,

Agricultural Commodities Research at Macquarie Securities Group


Okan Bayer,

General Manager at Tradіng & Shіppіng, Seakіng Shіppіng LTD. & Peakward Denіzcіlіk ve Tіcaret LTD. STІ

Hany G. Younes,

Middle East and North Africa Area Manager at AC Van Welden Agro Commodities

Andrew Kupchenko,

Analyst of grain market at APK-Inform Agency

Borys Sorochynskyi,

Coordinator, AgBiotech Committee, ‘Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business’ Association


Andrew Zablotskyi,

Senior Associate, SAYENKO KHARENKO Law Firm


Vasyl Hovhera,

Economist at the EBRD


Viktor Gorbachev, commercial banking expert, agricultural complex access to finances, Ukraine Agri-Finance Project, IFC

Anna Dragomyretska,

Agrisector Advisor in Pavlenko Legal Group, advocate


Valeria Tarasenko,

Partner at Pavlenko Legal Group


Tatyana Belostotskaya,

Head of the marketing department at AP-Grupp LLC



John Shmorhun,

CEO, AgroGeneration

Jean-Jacques Herve,

Сouncellor to the Board for Agriculture at Credit Agricole Вank

Artem Skorobogatov,

Associate Partner at Interlegal (International Law Offices)

Oleg Nivievskyi,

Agricultural Policy Advisor at the World Bank Group