Online-conference "Ukrainian Oilseeds Market: Optimistic or Pessimistic Outlook"
Aug 4, 2022

Ukraine to lose leading role among world producers of sunflower seed in 2022 – APK-Inform




For many years, Ukraine was the leading producer of sunflower seed in the world. However, according to preliminary forecasts, it will fall to 3rd place in 2022 due to the war, oilseed analyst of APK-Inform Svitlana Kyrychok noted on August 4 during online conference "Ukrainian oilseed market: optimistic or pessimistic scenario" on August 4.

"Sunflower seed planted area is the lowest for more than 10 years in Ukraine this year – at 4.75 mln ha. Accordingly, the crop may be the lowest in the last 7 years at about 10 mln tonnes", – the analyst clarified.

*Estimation by APK-Inform

Source: APK-Inform

However, she emphasized that the sunflower seed harvesting area is currently highly questionable, because it will depend on the further development of the situation in the country.


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