"American-Ukrainian Agrarian Congress", Washington, USA
Jun 20, 2016

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2015 became one of the most significant years for the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex in the process of its development since Ukraine became independent in 1991. The following factors mainly made its impact at the situation:

  • deregulation of the agricultural sector (cancellation of artificial regulatory barriers by abolishing of over 30 approval documents and procedures);
  • diversification of the selling markets for Ukrainian agricultural products;
  • reforming the quality auditing system and food safety in accordance with the EU requirements and standards;
  • development of the agricultural market infrastructure;
  • adoption of energy-efficient technologies in the agribusiness and other sectors.


Thus, realization of the export potential of agricultural commodities and formation of partnership relations with the large-scale agricultural market participants to share experience inestablishing of modern technologies and mechanisms for further development of the industry, as well as promotion of Ukrainian agricultural products on the world markets, remain ones of the priority directions for development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

At the same time, the USA has already become one of the main strategic partners for Ukraine in the sphere of agro-industrial complex development. The Ukrainian - American Agrarian Congress, held in March 2015, took its special position in formation of partnership relations between the two countries. Excellent results of the reporting event contributed to decision making by the organizers to hold the second Agrarian Congress in the USA in 2016.

The 2nd Ukrainian - American Agrarian Congress will continue the further extension of successfully initiated dialogue, and strengthening of business contacts between Ukraine and the USA. The Congress will unleash the agricultural potential of Ukraine in more detailed way, present the results of Ukrainian reforms to the US partners, as well as give invaluable experience to Ukrainian agricultural companies both in organization and management of agricultural production, and maintenance of the quality of agricultural products.


Major topics of the Congress:

  • Global agrarian market: role and position for the USA and Ukraine
  • Prospects for investment in the agricultural sector of Ukraine
  • Development of the agricultural logistics in Ukraine
  • Prospects of the biofuel market in the USA and Ukraine
  • New directions in corn consumption
  • Deep processing of soybeans: US experience and its application to Ukraine
  • Stock exchange trading mechanisms with agricultural products and risk hedging


Organizers of the 2nd Ukrainian - American Agrarian Congress: Ukrainian Grain Association, U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), APK-Inform Agency.


Under support: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC), Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, U.S. Grains Council (USGC).


Under suport:

Минагропрод Украины


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APK-Inform Agency

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