"American-Ukrainian Agrarian Congress", Washington, USA
Jun 20, 2016

In April, the USA exported the record volumes of ethanol




According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration under the US Department of Energy (EIA), in April 2016 the export volumes of ethanol from the USA totaled 95.5 mln gallon, up 0.3 mln gallon compared with the previous month. Furthermore, the index became the maximum monthly level since December 2011.

In the reporting period, China (34.5 mln gallon), India (14.6 mln gallon), and Canada (14.5 mln gallon) became the main countries-importers of ethanol from the USA.

Also, in April the USA did not import the products for the first time during 20 recent months.

You can receive more detailed information about the US ethanol market by visiting the 2nd American-Ukrainian Agrarian Congress, to be held on June 20-21, in Washington, D.C. (USA).