"American-Ukrainian Agrarian Congress", Washington, USA
Jun 20, 2016

In 2016/17 MY, the USA to increase wheat production – expert




In 2016/17 MY, the USA will continue increasing wheat production volumes, declared the analyst at FAS USDA, Teresa McKeivier on June 21 during her report at the 2nd American-Ukrainian Agrarian Congress in Washington, DC.

In 2015/16 MY, the country will harvest 55.84 mln tonnes of wheat, and next season - 56.53 mln tonnes, the expert said. Also, T.McKeivier expected for the record harvest of wheat in Russia at the level of 64 mln tonnes, which will take the country to the 4th position in the global rating of wheat growers (after the EU, China and India) in 2016/17 MY.

As for Ukraine, in the new season the country will reduce the production of wheat – from 27.3 mln tonnes in 2015/16 MY to 24 mln tonnes. Such results will bring Ukraine to the 9th position by production volumes of the grain in the world, added the analyst.

Generally, the USDA estimated the global production of wheat at 730.8 mln tonnes, which will be the second largest harvest in history (after the record results of 2015/16 MY - 734.2 mln tonnes.

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