International conference "VegOil Trade 2023", Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jun 8, 2023
APK-Inform invites you to a new conference in the European Union!

VegOil Trade international conference will be dedicated to the EU vegetable oil market with an emphasis on the supply of oils and oilseeds from the Black Sea countries.

The event will take place on June 8-9 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Key topics of the conference:
  • Global trends of the world market of vegetable oils in 2022/23 MY

  • Peculiarities of the European market of vegetable oils: higher production due to larger import of raw materials

  • Global palm oil market: trade and trends, redistribution of trade flows

  • Sunflower oil market: trends and features of 2022/23 MY, main players and prospects for 2023/24 MY

  • Reduction in the supply of Ukrainian sunflower oil: interim results of processing in 2022/23 MY, energy crisis, price dynamics, sales markets

  • Peculiarities of the logistics of vegetable oils and meal in Ukraine: the operation of the grain corridor and the development of alternative export routes

  • Boom of oilseeds export from Ukraine: continuation of the trend or possible restrictions

  • Prospects for oilseed production in the world, in particular in the EU and Ukraine in 2023/24 MY

  • European meal market: suppliers and consumers

  • Crude oil products and biofuels market trends as a key price driver



Target audience:
  • processors of oilseeds and traders, international trading companies, importers, agricultural holdings, industry organizations, leading domestic and international agricultural experts, equipment manufacturers, key exporters and consumers of oilseeds and by-products, representatives of scientific organizations, etc.



  • Under the new conditions, when the usual export-import routes are being rebuilt and there is a redistribution of markets for selling agricultural products from the Black Sea region, the European market and its logistics system are gaining special importance

  • Rotterdam is the largest industrial port in Europe and the northern gateway for agricultural products

  • EU countries are among the world's largest importers of oilseeds and vegetable oils, and the port of Rotterdam plays an extremely important role in the global logistics chain. Rotterdam is the largest industrial port in Europe and the northern gateway for agricultural products from America and Asia as well as a place of redistribution of goods flows to European countries. The volume of cargo transshipment in the port is growing year by year and amounted to 468.7 mln tonnes in 2021 (+7% compared to 2020)

  • Rotterdam is the most important global hub for fat-and-oil industry

  • In addition, Rotterdam is the trading capital of Northern Europe, the leading stock exchanges and offices of the world's largest agro-traders are located here

  • Domestic consumption of rapeseed is expected to increase in the EU in 2022/23 MY

  • According to the European Commission, domestic consumption of rapeseed is expected to increase to 24.2 mln tonnes in the EU in 2022/23 MY, against 22.2 mln tonnes in 2021/22 MY. Despite the increase of oilseed production (up to 19.6 mln tonnes from 17.1 mln tonnes a year earlier), import volumes remain quite high and are forecast to reach 5.1 mln tonnes in the current season. In addition, for the second season in a row, quite low carry-over stocks are formed in the EU at 500 thsd tonnes, which may cause an increase in imports.



  • Ukraine remains one of the key suppliers of fat-and-oil products to the European market

  • Despite geopolitical changes and the forced revision of the main trade routes, Ukraine remains one of the key suppliers of fat-and-oil products to the European market, while there is a noticeable shift in supplies towards the export of raw materials, namely rapeseed and sunflower

  • In particular, from the beginning of 2022/23 MY (July-January), the export of Ukrainian rapeseed to EU reached a record 2.9 mln tonnes (+66% y/y), which accounted for 60% of the total of imports of rapeseed to the EU for the specified period and put Ukraine at the first place among suppliers

  • The export of sunflower increased to a record 1.5 mln tonnes (up by 93 times). Ukraine became the leading supplier of sunflower to the European market with a share of 88% in the total import

  • In short-term, such pace of export of oilseeds from Ukraine provides the necessary liquidity amid a decrease in processing volumes. However, in long-term, it may have a rather negative impact on the country's processing industry and the volume of exports of by-products


Exclusive information on production forecasts in 2023, prospects for the oilseed sector in the new season, further redistribution of trade flows as well as other most pressing issues of world trade in oilseeds and by-products will be discussed at VegOil Trade-2023 international conference


Language of the conference – English


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